Introduction Edit

Hello there new Dreamboxers! This is a quick guide into the world of Dreambox. When you plug in you device and start it, a wizard will guide you through the first configurations, like choosing time zone, scanning channels etc. These are pretty easy to follow and there is no need for explanations.

Images Edit

Because of the nature of the Dreambox there are unofficial images developed by several teams. Images are something like the operating system of the box, a graphical interface, where a user can execute several operations. Each image differs and have some positive and some negative parts, which is down to you to decide which one you like best. There are different ways to flash the memory of the Dreambox, with a new image. One easy and convinient way to do that is by using FlashWizard software (download it here). This software also provides multiboot operation (if you have storage on your Dreambox i.e usb/hdd) which is very helpful when you are switching between your favorite images. Before you do anything else you should download the image you want. Be careful to download the correct version of the image for your dreambox. There are several places where you can find images, on of them Dreambox World. After you download the image, you are ready for flashing!

Configuring FlashWizardEdit

The first step is to configure the FlashWizard to your system. That is the IP address of the dreambox in your LAN as well as the login and password. To do this:

Fw step one

Flashwizard configuration screenshot

As shown on the screenshot first you should go to the Configuration and Utilities window. On the top right of that window (shown by point 2 in screenshot) you enter the details. First give a name to the current configuration of the particular Dreambox. In the second box you should enter the IP of your dreambox (click here to find out how to resolve the ip of your device). After that you should enter the username and password, which the default value is root and dreambox respectively. Point 3 of the screenshot shows the dropdown box where you can create multiple configurations. This is handy if you have more than one dreamboxes in your house. After you finish the configuration you are ready to flash your dreambox.

Flashing the DreamboxEdit

Again things could not be easier! Just press the Install a firmware into FLASH memory button. Then select the dreabox configuration you created in the previous test, corresponding to the dreambox you wish to flash. Then select the image file by pressing the folder icon or by drag and drop the image on the big box there. Finally push the Flash Image Backup button and wait. See I told you it was easy. The FlashWizard will flash your dreambox and reboot it for you, so just sit back and wait.

If you're looking for support for your dreambox, visit this Dreambox Support Forum -